Generations of Great Taste Create Award-Winning Tequilas

Around 40 years ago, Don Alberto Becherano began making tequila a hobby. He spent more than a decade perfecting his proprietary method for making what we believe to be among the best-tasting Tequilas in the world. Ours are ultra-premium, sipping Tequilas and also make proper craft cocktails truly remarkable. 

Our Unique Approach

Today, the family-owned and operated Cavas de Don Max handcrafts each batch of our award-winning Tequilas to exacting standards for taste and smoothness. Our time-honored, proprietary distilling processes create a unique taste that comes from the very specific practices established over generations. 

Bringing Cantera Negra to the United States

After a November 2006 fishing tournament, Lance Gildner set off for 9 years to find the distillers of Cabo’s finest Tequila. Discover the secret of our ultra-premium Tequila and its journey to shelves across the United States.

Award Winning

In 2017, Cantera Negra swept the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, with our Tequilas taking the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.