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Mexico’s Only Elixir De Agave

Our unique process for making Cantera Negra tequilas produces a unique taste available nowhere else.

Cantera Negra’s approach has earned Cavas de Don Max the distinction of being the only Tequila producer currently allowed by the Mexican government to certify and market products in the Elixir de Agave category.  To achieve our unrivaled taste of our Elixir de Agave tequilas, we hand-select only the juiciest blue agave plants, grown in Jalisco valley black volcanic rock soil. Our family-member employees then cook, ferment and double-distill the piñas by hand. We carefully age our tequila in our own hand-crafted oak barrels, and then precisely blend it with other batches aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The end product must meet the exacting standards of our select family tasting panel before it can be called Cantera Negra, Mexico’s only Elixir de Agave.

Our purposefully hands-on approach relies heavily on the training, experience, character and judgment of Becherano family members, making Cantera Negra tequilas truly hand-crafted and artisanal from start to finish.

Our unrivaled taste – rich and smooth – is the result of our deep, personal engagement and our unwavering commitment to quality.