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Bringing Cantera Negra to the United States

Discovering the Finest Tequila

In November 2006, Lance Gildner was fishing with his team in the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot – the largest tuna tournament in the world. After an epic 4 ½-hour fight they landed a 318-pound yellow fin, shattering the tournament record.

After much media attention and celebration at the tournament, Lance and his team members snuck away to reflect on their victory, tucking into a small local bar off the beaten path. They asked the owner for his finest Tequila. He turned to an unmarked wooden barrel.

After taking the first sip, Lance knew he was drinking something truly special. Before leaving Cabo, Lance returned to the bar and asked for the name of the Tequila, so he could buy it in the United States.  

The owner told Lance it was a secret, and would say no more. The next year, Lance had the same experience with the bar owner. He repeated this ritual for 9 years.  

With the help of local friends in Cabo, Lance finally learned the identity of the distiller of the best Tequila he had ever tasted. It was October 2015.

Less than a week later, Lance was in Mexico meeting the wonderful Becherano family, who own and operate the distillery that makes the Tequila. He left with an exclusive license to import the products to the United States.

Creating Award-Winning Tequilas