Our Unique Approach

Masters of Our Craft

Handcrafted, Harvest to Bottle

The notable smoothness and richness of our award-winning tequilas start well before the formal distilling process. There is a remote region in central Mexico where volcanic rock transforms the land and the taste of our tequilas. We harvest from this rich earth, selecting only the most mature Blue Weber Agave for their superior taste. The agave is cooked, shredded, fermented and distilled.

For all of our aged tequilas, we use ex cognac and bourbon barrels to create the round flavors for which we are known. Our aging process goes beyond the CRT standard resulting in unrivaled smoothness.

Only after all of this nurturing, care and development – from soil and harvest to aging and blending – can our Tequila go before the uncompromising Becherano Family Tasting Council. They personally ensure the remarkable taste of Cantera Negra. They know better than anyone that taste is its own reward.

Our purposefully slow, hands-on approach relies heavily on the experience, character and demanding standards of the Becherano family members, making Cantera Negra Tequilas truly handcrafted and artisanal from start to finish. Our unrivaled taste is the result of our deep, personal engagement and unwavering commitment to quality.

Discovering The Finest Tequila