Cantera Negra Añejo

To be considered an Añejo, a typical Tequila must be in a barrel for no less than one year. Many other premium Tequilas age their Añejo for 15-18 months. Artfully blended in with ours is also Añejo aged for no less than 30 months. To develop our remarkable touches of cinnamon, smoke and vanilla, we also delicately blend in a small amount of bourbon-cask and cognac-cask aged Tequila. The result is an Añejo of perfect, rich smoothness. We think this is a standout spirit for relaxing with your choice of premium cigar.

Won the Gold medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Aged for no less than 30 months

Made with 100% blue agave

Natural hints of cinnamon, smoke and vanilla

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